From Africa comes ancient symbols portraying wisdom in their meanings.




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Exquisite jewellery created by Ann Gadd and Nonesi Mbemba in stainless steel. Ann Gadd, is an artist who started using the symbols in her wildlife paintings and then fell in love with them, deciding to create jewellery pieces “I started using symbols from Africa in my wildlife paintings and fell in love with their flowing shapes and the meanings they contained. I felt it would be amazing to actually wear the shapes, depicting what I wanted to inforce within myself on any particular day. The shapes then became symbols of my own life experience. A unique way to express your inner beauty.”
Nonesi Mbemba is a sangoma who instils the power of her heritage into the pieces. The two women have been working alongside each other for more than 10 years. They unite to create intrinsically sophisticated African jewellery artworks.
Now, you can always keep a piece of Africa close to your heart.
Each piece is individually labelled and packed, and the symbol explained on the label. Most of them relate back to animals or aspects of nature and once explained can be seen.




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To read more about Ann:

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