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What we do

Ann and Anthony Gadd are both established contemporary African wildlife artists with careers spanning 30+ years. Although their styles are very different, they share a passion for the bush and wildlife, enjoying converting their experiences onto canvas. As a result they have traveled widely in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. They live and work in Cape Town South Africa.


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About Ann Gadd

As an established artist of 30+ years and published writer, Ann Gadd is dedicated to creating a lasting contribution to a more inspired and aesthetic world . Her distinctive and uniquely African wildlife art tells wonderful stories of the land she loves and strives to uplift any environment. Her contemporary style combined with its ancient African symbols  aims to cohere the past and present richness of the land.

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About Anthony Gadd

By 6:30 every morning, I’m standing in front of my easel with my favourite tools at my side: canvas, watercolours, acrylics and conté chalks. As I become caught up in the process of transferring vision to canvas, I treasure the ‘happy accident’ that brings gesture and freshness to a piece.

My style has been described as loose, bold and expressive; a perfect parallel to where I find the inspiration for my creations – the African bush.

In a country renowned for its wildlife and wide-open spaces, South Africa’s abundance of animals and the sun-drenched bush resonate deep within my core and translate into the wildlife art I create.

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Ann and Anthony Gadd

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