Africa Exposed – painting

africa exposed painting by ann gadd

Ann Gadd – Africa Exposed – painting

Africa Exposed – painting. During COVID lockdown I wanted to make the gift of time count. I decided to do what I’d been wanting to do for some time—explore a new art direction. With little interference from the outside world, it seemed an ideal time—a gift really. I wanted to be loser, less prescribed. The Cape Gallery had gifted me some stretchers. Once stretched I had a luxurious amount of canvases to play with.

africa exposed painting by ann gadd
Africa Exposed by Ann Gadd

I enjoyed the theme of the tigers circling the rabbit—such innocence with such danger. I saw the rabbit representing bucks/$$ (male rabbit=buck). Rabbits also relate to rebirth and thus the hope for the future. The tigers relate to our country being ravaged by unscrupulous forces. This is the second work in the series. There are other innuendos and implications to the work. From the constraints of lockdown came this free expression with no rules. I was able to express the counter to the containment I was experiencing.

The painting will go on view in October 2020 at Zeitz Mocca as part of their Home Is Where The Art Is: Art Is Where The Home Is.

The work painted in 2020, uses enamel, acrylic and pen on stretched canvas. To view in a room setting, see here: